Learn salsa with Gozando Salsa – The dance school at Albisriederplatz in Zurich

Our passion: La Salsa

With salsa dancing you can show your feelings and actualize yourself in the dance. This is what we want to show you in our dancing school in the heart of Zurich.

Our style: Salsa Puetorriqueña

Salsa Puetorriqueña is, together with Salsa Cubana, the most popular salsa style in the world. Salsa Puetorriqueña is danced on the line and offers a broad range of cool and challenging Salsa figures.

Our program: Gozando la Salsa

The Spanish word “gozar” means “enjoy” and is spoken with an [s] in the middle. It signifies the joy and passion that we have with dancing and teaching salsa. Come by and see for yourself!

Warm Greetings

Edi, Roz, Celine, Rachel, Sarah, Andreas, Janine, Maria


NEW course offer in Bachata Sensual in Zurich

We offer Bachata classic style and Bachata Sensual.
You can find the course offer here